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10/3/08 - New page added.  Design Your Own Item page was added today!!!


Welcome to Wolf''s Den Woodcraft

Hello, and welcome.  My name is Bob and I am the one that makes all the items featured here.  This is the spot where you will find news about changes to the website and other information.   I will be adding new items from time to time.
All of the items on these pages are totally handcrafted.    Remember that items will not always appear as in the pics.  The wood grains will always be different.  I also use my descretion at placement of decals so that items look their best.
Do you have a Boy Scout, Girl Scout or current or former Military member?  If so, I can make plaques to honor them. Feel free to contact me and ask questions.  I will do my best to answer them.

 The items on the following pages were all designed and made by me.  They are examples of what I do but they are also all for sale.  If you would like something a little different or different sized, feel free to send me an email and inquire about what it would cost to have it done.
I only accept Paypal for payment of items.  I try to ship Priority Mail whenever I can, but am not always able to do that. 


You can e-mail us at: